Sunday, September 26, 2021

Sunday Video 3



  1. My youngest grand daughter is adopted and I can say that the emotions are real.

  2. Not fair Kenny. You made me cry *before* church. =')

  3. Special place in Heaven for those who adopt. May God Bless them all the days of their lives.

  4. We adopted my 33 year old daughter out of a Romanian orphanage when she was 10. It was rough going at first, but now she can't tell us she loves us enough.
    When she first arrived in America she flipped off a guy out the window of the airplane as it was taxiing to the gate and then took flowers that I gave her and immediately threw them in the trash. Good times.

  5. We adopted 2 sisters at age 2 and 5. The youngest is now 25. It is easier to adopt if you are willing to take someone other than a newborn white baby.
    My wife saw a Hispanic girl age 5, from California, needing to be adopted. She wanted to choose her, but the next day, the girl was already gone.
    I told her that she needed to be patient, we had said that we would take up to 3 kids, and that the timing was just not right. The following day, yes, the very next day, she got a phone call, asking us if we wanted to meet the 2 little girls, who within 10 days would move into our house, never to leave as they would form our family.
    The younger one is still here, the older one is living, shudder, in Oklahoma, working as a CNA for the OK city hospital.
    Elmo, like you implied, you do not adopt a blank slate. The girls have a brother, a couple of years older, who we made sure they kept in touch with growing up. He was adopted by a man who was a dairy farmer, up north a bit. A very good man, he married a gal from the prosecutors office, and sold the farm and moved to the small county seat.
    It was worth it, like every other part of life, but I would hate to go through some of the things again, just like with my 3 biological kids from my previous marriage.

  6. Thanks for the video and the wonderful comments !!

  7. I found out I'm not made of stone today. Thanks.


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