Tuesday, September 28, 2021

The "Great Replacement" is in full swing. Only we can stop it.

I can only thank God, quite literally and sincerely, that a man like Tucker Carlson exists, and is unafraid to speak the truth about the carnage and chaos being sown in this country at the present time. Fox News, too, is to be commended for allowing him a platform to do so. 

The pressure on him, and on Fox News, from the progressive left is unrelenting, savage and vicious. For his latest comments on the border crisis, he's being accused of racism, white supremacist views, and a host of other politically-incorrect "evils". He's not guilty of any of them, of course - he's merely describing what's actually going on, and when challenged, he can produce evidence for what he says. 

Here's his view of the border crisis. If you'd rather not watch the video, I've included a transcript of some of the main points below it.


  1. Any day now Tucker will be accused of raping Kavanaugh. Sheeple will believe it.

  2. I've just read the transcript. Here in the UK, the 'govt' is happy for 80% of the white population to be vaxxed, but doesn't bother about the rest. I have my suspicions, and am glad that, due to age, I won't be around to see the consequences, but feel sorry for the young

  3. That 'delta variant' is a result of the inoculations.

  4. " glad that, due to age, I won't be around to see the consequences, but feel sorry for the young"

    Why? They won't be around to see them, either.

    1. Yep, true that, you won't be here, I won't be here, the young, dumb, & jabbed won't be here. No one has ever gotten out of this life alive, and you Cannot get odds on it even in Vegas.

  5. The Corruptocrats (Dem/Woke/GOPe) have finally given up hope that their "meal tickets" in the ghetto will ever amount to anything. I guess that they are hoping that the new population that they are importing to clear out the ghetto trash will be more productive and mor peaceful than the trash that they are replacing. They don't care a bit that the evicted ghetto will be migrating to your suburban neighborhood. Enjoy your new neighbors.


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