Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Britain's Best Preserved Roman Fortress

The Roman legionary fort of Caerleon in South Wales is one of the most famous and best preserved Roman sites in Britain. It stood on the edge of the Roman Empire, its huge amphitheatre, immense baths, and the scale of its ruined walls all testament to its power and importance. Tony and the team are joined by a group from Cardiff University to cast new light on a site once seen as solely a military outpost.

VIDEO HERE  (47 minutes)


The cameraman must be a bit of a voyeur with all the downblouse shots he took of the girls digging. 


  1. Downblouse you say... Damn I do loves me Istory!

  2. Romans where pretty busy dudes. White people at that. Too bad we let people in who only know how to destroy.

  3. Archeology is very popular with women due to their interest in digging up the past...

  4. Get your fill of Time Team and see why I stopped watching it. Despite its interesting subjects, there was so much contrived "excitement" and lookatme that it, having started well, went downhill fast and became a pain in the arse.


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