Friday, October 22, 2021

Democrats Make It Impossible to Have Empathy

Empathy is an important human emotion, but sometimes people keep repeating the same stupid mistakes that make it nearly impossible to continue to give a damn about them. Someone suffering severe headaches, for example, can cause a serious empathetic response from people, but that goes away quickly, and likely forever, if you discover that person continually hits themselves in the head with two-by-four. There comes a certain point when any emotion – empathy, sympathy, whatever – becomes counterproductive. When it comes to Democrat voter groups, I’m long past that point.


  1. Worse, when you try to explain something (even "techy" stuff about statistics, etc on COVID) they swing that 2x4 at my head. Yeah. No empathy left.

  2. Feeling sympathy or empathy for a commie is dangerous and counterproductive. It's like feeling sorry for a rattlesnake. The snake is incapable of any feelings other than perhaps satisfying it's own needs/wants and will kill you without any qualms if you get in the way.

  3. Have empathy for the winged and four legged for they are only trying to make a living, so to speak. Set good examples for your kids.
    Have caution with the two legged. Also set good (survival) examples for your kids.

  4. It would be an interesting article if it wasn't for the fact that Republicans keep electing pols who are just as corrupt and statist as their Democrat counterparts, and who *always* cave to them, and yet always act surprised at the results.

  5. Some people prefer to be told what to do. Some people want to live off others sweat and labor. Some prefer to be slaves of the government. I do not understand any of this. It makes no sense.

  6. The author uses the word "counterproductive". But either doesn't understand, or (more likely) doesn't care, what it means.

    Because the "solution" proposed, is the conservatives' article of faith: "I got mine. Fnck you."

    Other people eroding the world can not "be left alone". They can not "leave you alone" (it's not "who they are"). You must either risk what you have, to stop them, permanently (it's "who they are"). Or you must give up much of what you have, to fund someone else to stop them, permanently.

    Waiting for them to undercut what you have, because it (most) likely won't happen until after you're dead, and that doesn't affect you, is boomer tier evil.

    1. I remember after the Fukushima disaster in Japan, a bunch of old guys got together to clean things up. It was a death sentence for which they gladly volunteered in order to save their younger countrymen's lives. Take from this what you will.

  7. I have the same feeling towards democrats that Shakespeare had towards lawyers....

  8. I am not sure I agree with the premise. Perhaps the majority are not really voting for the winners in these Democrat strongholds. Like a recent meme I saw shows, if you win the presidency with over 81M votes, spontaneous derogatory chants at sporting venues will not occur! I have stopped personal interaction with all liberals, though.

  9. If someone votes Democrat, I assume they approve of Democrat policies. They've declared me the enemy worthy of concentration camps, torture, and death. I take their threats seriously. Joe Biden is no more than a symbol - F 'em all.


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