Friday, October 22, 2021

Gillian Welch 2007-06-15 Bonnaroo - Great Stage Park - Manchester, TN

VIDEO HERE  (1 hour 38:24 minutes)

Orphan Girl

Elvis Presley Blues

Rock of Ages

Throw Me a Rope

I Want to Sing That Rock and Roll

Black Star (Radiohead cover)

Look at Miss Ohio (with John Paul Jones)

Wayside/Back in Time (with John Paul Jones)

Keys to the Kingdom

Everything Is Free

Knuckleball Catcher

My First Lover

No One Knows My Name

One Little Song


To Be Young (Is to Be Sad, Is to Be High) (Ryan Adams cover)

Caleb Meyer


I'll Fly Away (Albert E. Brumley cover)

Jackson (Billy Edd Wheeler cover) (with John Paul Jones)


  1. Wife and I have seen her several times. Never disappointed, no difference between quality on the album and live.

  2. She has a really interesting back story. She was an orphan, adopted and raised in LA. She heard a classmate playing a bluegrass album in college and was immediately fascinated. She later found out that she had been born to a teenage mother in Western North Carolina. Blood will tell.

  3. a long time favorite of the wife and me, I used to listen to the "Camden Recordings" old time country recorded in the twenties, this is the sound!


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