Monday, October 18, 2021

I wonder if they'll hunt all these people down like dogs the way they did the January 6 protestors?

Dozens of climate activists have been arrested after they clashed with police in Washington DC and forced their way into the Interior Department building in scenes that some have called reminiscent of the US Capitol riot. 

 An Interior Department spokeswoman said a group of demonstrators rushed the lobby on Thursday, injuring multiple security officers, at least of whom was taken to a nearby hospital.


  1. I wonder if they'll hunt all these people down like dogs Fuck No, they are still reliable votes for Democraps, so it's only a "mostly peaceful" protest.

  2. It was probably planned just to add insult to injury to those of the Jan 06 arrestees by not arresting them. And as another warning to other conservatives that we are subhuman. To hell with all of the leftarded.

  3. Their protest was an Approved Protest, so it is OK.

    Not like Jan 6th, where the Folks that Matter did Not Approve of it.


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