Monday, October 18, 2021

No way I would've trusted an airline with that

NASHVILLE, TN (WSMV) – The son of the late John Prine is sharing his experience with an airline. Tommy Prine says he was forced to check one of his father’s guitars at the gate and when he got home to Nashville, it was damaged. “Right here, there's a pretty noticeable crack,” Tommy Prine said. 

Prine showed News4 the damage to one of his father's guitars on Wednesday. More than a year ago, John Prine died after contracting COVID-19.


  1. In 1976 I dropped my life-savings on a brand-new Martin D18. I had flown with guitars so I new the procedures for special luggage. Maybe 25 flights and 0 problems. First flight with my Martin, the airline damaged it beyond repair. I kept hearing "not their fault", but I stuck to my guns (so to speak - not literally folks) and eventually, they replaced it with a 1969 D-18. I've flown with it many times since - no problems, and it's still resting on its stand in the living room looking more beautiful every day at 52 going on 53. I have bought and sold dozens of guitars in my life. The Martin and my 62 Gibson Melody Maker are really the longest running constants in my life.

    1. 1960s.
      My dad played Saturdays -- live, no tape -- with the Western Swing Hall Of Fame Band on Lloyd Hickey's Forty Grand Country television show.
      1967, he gave me his 1959 Telecaster.
      Maple neck like half a baseball bat... the chunky end.
      I -- fifteen years old -- wanted nude, so I stripped it and rubbed in some linseed we had in the barn.
      Still have it.
      Keep it in a hardcase.
      Stays in tune.
      For fifty-four years, I am the only person to touch it.
      Heck, I rarely let anybody breath in its direction.
      Trust it to baggage handlers?

  2. And you can add United to the list:

  3. "Died of Covid-19". I'm sure the stage 4 lung cancer he was fighting at the time had nothing to do with it. Loved John Prine since the early 70's.

  4. It's an epidemic:

  5. When I quit playing music in gigs, and moved to my current city, I found a group of older folks, playing at a house, every Thursday night. Soon, I was playing with them. I quickly stopped playing sax and switched to guitar, so I could sing some with them. We did oldies, like City Lights, White Sport Coat, Girl From Ipanema, Cab Driver, etc. You get the idea, I was about 34, and the people were around 55-65.
    One of the guys had a Gibson he bought brand new from a local music store in 1956, along with a Gibson amp at the same time. It looked brand new, as did the amp, and no doubt that depending upon the collector market, it would have sold at the top of the price range, when he passed away, from Parkenson's a few years ago.
    I played with them for several years, until I went onto 3rd shift. It was a lot of fun, and I got to play some of the songs that I grew up listening to with my parents.

  6. The guy was an idiot to try and travel with that soft case. I don't travel outside my house with my guitar in anything but a hard case.

  7. He traveled with an acoustic guitar in just a gig bag?

    Stupid. That's why God invented hardshell cases.

  8. Irresponsible or not, it still sucks hearing this. I LOVE John Prine. I just wish I had gotten into him earlier in my life.

  9. I'd give a lot to be able to play guitar. I've tried but the music isn't in me.


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