Thursday, October 28, 2021

I'll take the 'rona any day

NEW YORK - New York City has reported an increase in human cases of leptospirosis, a bacterial disease that the city reports has been spread by rats. 

In a late September advisory, the city's Department of Health and Mental Hygiene reported that 14 cases of human leptospirosis had been identified this year, a number it said was more than the total number reported to the city's health department in any previous year.


  1. Musta been Trump's fault since "THEY" all know he is a rat responsible for all of their failures.

    The "Ghetto People" seem to be unable to understand what trash cans are for, so the ghetto always has a layer of "rat food" in yards, gangways and hallways. It is no surprise that those areas have more rat-borne diseases.

    Sounds like a new Greek restaurant❗️

  3. Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, WTF is "Mental Hygiene"

  4. That is BAD shit. My youngest brother died of it, and I know at least 2 others on the same Island. Rats and catchment water - bad combo.


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