Friday, October 22, 2021

Middle Tennessee man pleads guilty to hunt baiting charges; 74 doves seized

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WZTV) — Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency is reminding hunters to know the law when it comes to baiting after a Middle Tennessee man was charged and fined.


I want to know how much ammo he went through to get those 74 doves. I used to hunt the hell out of dove back in California during the 80s and 90s and as quick and evasive as those little bastards are, it seemed like I could connect maybe one out of three shots and that's if I was having a good day.
Let me put it this way - the limit was 10 a day but I'd never take less than a box of 50 shells with me.


  1. Back in my younger days if I took my double barrel I averaged a dove every two shots. If I took my dad's Ithaca semi-auto maybe 3 birds a box. I was a bit shot happy with the auto.

  2. Undoubtedly shot them while feeding on the ground.

  3. Wait until there are a bunch on the bait and shoot them on the ground!

  4. Well, it did say he baited the doves. He probably put the grain or whatever in a pile so the doves became used to feeding there. If there were a lot of doves around the bait, an open choke and small shot (7 1/2's) would only need one round to kill the vast majority. That's an old poachers trick. Getting 20 or more birds with one shot isn't difficult.

    Phil B

    1. When deposed, none of the 74 would claim the rainbow.

    2. "Getting 20 or more birds with one shot isn't difficult."

      With people, you can usually only get about 2-3.
      - Zombie Vasily Blokhin

  5. At least he wasn't sitting in a tree stand over a watermelon patch... or Popeye's.

  6. My only good dove hunting story was when I was about ten years old my daddy and his friend were sitting under a shade tree after a few hours of hunting. From my position I saw a dove flying directly towards us. I raised up and shot at him with my single shot .410, I don't think I got the gun to my shoulder. The dove went straight up and then straight down. We found it with a single pellet through its heart. Definitely made my day.


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