Friday, October 22, 2021

Playing the Race card? Dude, that's so 2020.....

NASHVILLE, TN (WSMV) - A Nashville comedian said he was accused of breaking into cars at a downtown apartment complex because he is black. 

Joshua Black lives at the complex and said he was called out by a woman who also lives there. He recorded the confrontation on his phone Wednesday night.


  1. What's with the capitalization of black when describing someone all of a sudden?

    1. It's part of the Associated Press style guide. When describing people, it's "Black" with a capital B and "white" all lower-case. For ... reasons.

    2. I am Irish-Caucasian.
      Sue me.
      And to be 'up' with CurrentEvents©, 'Blacks!' need an exclamation mark.
      But, as far as I know, 'vibrant' and 'diversity' can be lower-case... for now.

    3. "For ... reasons."

      The explanation is in that boxcar over there, citizen. Go have a look-see.
      - Your Friendly Government, Who Are Totally Not Planning On Your Extermination

  2. He really looks like a guy that use to break into cars around here.


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