Wednesday, October 27, 2021

PsychoChicks - we've all had 'em

IRVINGTON, Ky. (WAVE) - A domestic argument in Breckinridge County has left a man dead and woman injured. 

Just before 7 a.m. Wednesday, Kentucky State Police were called to assist the Breckinridge County Sheriff’s Office in the investigation of a shooting at a home on Lonnie Haynes Road.


Considering they were arguing over personal property, I'm assuming they were going through a divorce.
I remember when me and my ex split. I told her she could have the better vehicle, everything we accumulated together and  half of anything involving money (retirement plans, house, etc). The only things I was keeping was the shit that I owned when I came into the marriage - my beater truck, guns, fishing equipment, tools, books, stuff like that. All I wanted was out. The only thing I didn't want to do was pay alimony. 
I was basically walking out with what I walked in with and she still argued that wasn't good enough. She wanted every damned thing plus alimony, so I hired the best lawyer I couldn't afford and fought her tooth and nail. 
We went to court and even the woman judge couldn't believe her demands. She honestly thought she was entitled to firearms that I bought 10 years before we even met. 
She ended up getting less than what I originally offered with no alimony. 


  1. No details. If they had problems and he charged, screaming, "~I'll kill you, you F______ B________". Then maybe a good shoot. If he has a lot of holes in his back, that is a dfifferent scenario.

  2. Same same here. I just wanted out. I walked with my stuff and a third of the money from the sale of the house. My attorney, a friend, told me man you can get a lot more. I said, I just want away from her. When I told her how much money she would be getting, plus all the furniture, the new Pathfinder what was paid for and the list goes on her reply was, "That's not much." When I met her she was living in a shack, no bank account although she had a great job. She invested nothing and spent her money on junk. I should have known then something was very wrong. I left and rented what I called, The cave from hell, until I got my feet back under me and bought a home. She walked and bought a house with five acres, cash. I've no idea what happened to her and don't want to. That was thirty years or so ago.

    1. That was me, 37 years ago almost to the day, under approximately the same circumstances, and I don't want to know where my ex is or what happened to her either. All I can say is, living well truly is the best revenge.

  3. Sounds like you did well to get away from your ex Mr. Lane.

  4. WC-
    It sounds like you got mighty lucky getting the judge you got. I'd have been nervous about it being a woman.

    1. That same judge also threw out a bullshit restraining order my ex tried to file on me.
      God bless the Honorable Loretta Bergen.

  5. A divorce is like converting everything you own into $50 dollar bills and going down to a busy street corner and seeing how fast you can give them away. It can be the most expensive thing you ever do in your life, and can be worth every penny.

  6. So during or after shooting the hubby she shoots herself in the foot?

    If ever there was a metaphor...

  7. Wimnez turn into the evil creatures they really/truly are during the period of the splitting up. What little brains they had while things were nice nice are vaporized. At the start of my last marriage I told this gal, “never forget that you need me more than I need you”. Well yup she forgot. On my way out she morphed into something no man would want to be around. Guess that’s shy she now has 4 failed marriages. In a way I am sorry for her, as I still love that woman that I married. If you see her, the one I married not divorced, tell her that I’m still looking for her. Can you say divorced and bitter about it? Its been four years since that divorce and at my age I avoid wimnez now. Funny how the single aging (hags) wimnez try to play a single good looking very active and financially secure adult male.

    Saber 7

  8. As they say in lawyerville,: “Pigs get slaughtered.”

  9. Got away from my first wife, the b1tch, easy. Married/divorced in Texas; no spousal support mandated by the state if no children. Fortunately, none of those. I gave her everything we acquired. I took the bills, even the maxed out credit cards she ran up in the first month after we separated. Damn, she was pissed when the first card was confiscated at some bar where she was buying her friends and compatriots drinks.

    I ended up paying for her lawyer simply to make the issue go away quicker. Left me so far in debt that it took a long time to get clear. Since then, I have only gone in debt for housing and a couple of cars. My philosophy is mostly if I can't pay for it, I don't need it. I just don't often have enough to buy a house out of pocket. I believe that the bitch ended up far worse off after our split (I have some odd corroborating evidence) and I don't feel bad about it at all. She had the chance and threw it away for some immediate gratification. I was lucky to get out when I did.

    I am now married to the love of my life, which took some time to find. Oddly enough, I saw her once and was thunderstruck and knew she was the one. Took a fair amount of finagling, but she ended up with me and seems to be happy about the choice.

  10. My ex sister in law accused my brother of EVERYTHING under the sun. -Wife beater-child molester-drug abuser-devil worshiper-thief-etc-etc.
    She'd claim non-payment of support, the Sheriff arrested him from work, twice. But he already paid directly through the court, then He'd call his lawyer and they'd straighten things out. The final day in divorce court, the judge said he doubted her veracity...
    Much longer story shortened. She got fired from a teaching position after a student's drug overdose, at her house, in the dark hours.

    After see all this trouble, I made myself some promises. I married later in life than most and have stuck through it, in spite of both myself and my poor wife.

  11. In a few days, it will be 13 years since I divorced the spouse from Hell.

    The court ordered me to give her an additional chunk of money (not alimony) on top of everything else she got, and once I did that, I had to take her to court again to get her sign a Satisfaction of Judgment (and I sued for, and won, attorney and filing fees).

  12. Glad y’all made it out alive and better for it. New Hampshire is one state where men are truly fucked in divorce (family law) court regardless of truth, justice and the Murican way. Its the parenting plans that are plain evil, women get more time, dads can FOAD, and btw the dead dads estate is still liable for child support and the life insurance plan which the ex wife is sole beneficiary to, per the luciferian judge. Yeah. Keep on truckin…
    Job had it easy.


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