Thursday, October 21, 2021

Southwest Is A Window Into Modern Tyranny. So Will The GOP Fight Back?

Andrew Ross Sorkin. If you watch CNBC, you might know him as that anchor who looks like a child and has three names.

If you don’t tune in regularly, you might vaguely recall his on-air COVID fight with Rick Santelli, in which he claimed with a straight face that big box stores are far safer than restaurants with Plexiglas (and churches, especially), and therefore are allowed to remain open, repeatedly citing “the science” and apologizing to his viewers for even exposing them to Rick’s very basic questions.

If you’re an airline pilot, however, you might know Andrew as the guy who thinks that the company you work for can surrender your freedoms in exchange for a big, fat check.


  1. "Will the GOP fight back?"

    No. Next question?

    Tim in AK

  2. The GOP? Fight? LOL!
    Democrats: We want to lower the age of consent to 6!
    Republicans: Now hold on there Democrats! This is an outrage against morality! We'll compromise at 7!

    1. Because everyone knows that [insert demographic under discussion] are natural conservatives and we must do everything possible to court them! Also, fuck whitey!
      - The GOP

  3. There are really stupid enough people left to believe this is a 2 party system?

  4. GOP fight? Heh. Nemo

  5. "Southwest Is A Window Into Modern Tyranny. So Will The GOP Fight Back?"

    Goddamn right we will! We're gonna fuckin' *crush* Southwest.
    - The GOP


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