Sunday, October 17, 2021

Sunday Video 8



  1. I'd rather go sky diving, it's far less risky!

    Chutes Magoo

  2. No worries. OSHA is in the job.
    Checking vax status of carnies...

  3. They always cut these gifs off way too soon.

  4. I did this ride, called the ejection seat. With my nephew. He about pissed himself. Me, when freaking out I laugh like a crazy person - no, I mean like lost my fking mind laughing.

    Getting off, for the first time and lat (so far), I came to understand "weak kneed", about face planted.

    Bungie jumped from 200 ft above the tapaloosa (sp?) River at ga/Alabama line.

    BOGO, last day of the year. Why (and how) I got back in that crane bucket to jump the 2nd time...

    Both were a blast, glad I did it. Skydived too. Would I again? Skydive yes, the rest hell to ghe fk No.


  5. Just think if it had let go after launch....

  6. Snapped ropes really instill confidence. Reminds me of all the six flags injures; totally passing.



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