Friday, October 22, 2021

The Decisive Year: Surface Strikes (1972) | US Navy - Vietnam War

 Synopsis: This segment deals specifically with combatant efforts of the surface Navy in Vietnam in 1972.

VIDEO HERE  (20:43 minutes)

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  1. One evening getting ready to eat chow before heading out on LP's or Ambush on some forgotten hill. Suddenly the hill lit up man. Ground was shaken, screaming type a noise and zub,zub,zub of shrapnel flying. Me an two other guys had a hole about the size of a grave and a foot deep chipped out of the dirt what was like concrete. We were asshole to belly button in the hole. Suddenly it stopped. No injuries, how I'll never know. We were told it was an NVA tank they'd carried down the Ho Chi and reassembled. None of us believed it cuz the rounds came too fast. Next morning I saw a shiny piece a metal right about where my head was. I dug it out. Damn chunk of metal was about ten inches long and maybe two wide. All nasty an jagged. I mean inches from where my head was. Probably thirty years later I hooked up with my Lt. on line. I brought that day up and he said, that was Navy ships. He said he was hustling to get them shut down.


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