Thursday, October 14, 2021

The Mark of the Beast

So, you’re feeling down and blue about the Woke Luciferian madness shading our American life under its baleful bat-wings? A lot of my friends and loved ones are down and blue. At this darkest of dark hours, I have some advice for you. Say ‘okay’ to whatever shade the universe is throwing on you. Rise! Go with it. Run with it and mount it. Ride it until you exhaust the beast that has made itself your enemy. Ride it until it goes to ground and whimpers. Because that is how it ends and you get your life back. 

The frightful swans, black, white, and gray, are circling in the sky like those old air-traffic jams above the runways of O’Hare in bad weather. They are looking to land, and as they do, they will change everything. Enough people around the country will finally get their minds right. They will come back to themselves wondering… where have I been? This is what is coming at us (let’s count the ways):


  1. Awesome post! The system is collapsing (maybe not as fast as some would hope) and the evil ones are losing. Their timelines was forced and they are making huge mistakes. I do not tell people what to believe, as for me though, I bow my head and say a prayer from time to time in hopes this passes and not too many die. About time the old way dies.

  2. This excellent article follows along the same vein:

  3. Ken, Thanks for posting that message! I follow James Kunstler's blog, and evidently missed that one. He's quite insightful, and I think he carries "old school wisdom". You yourself appear to be quite a character! I do read your blog from time to time, to "get away from the Gloom & Doom"! Keep on doin!


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