Thursday, October 14, 2021

Trying to figure this shit out gave me a headache

In a case that has ensnared three police departments across the Bay Area, the Richmond police chief is on leave after she and her husband, an Oakland police sergeant, were accused of abuse by a family member who they claim is being manipulated by her pimp. 

Richmond police Chief Bisa French has been placed on administrative leave following several incidents involving the close family member, an 18-year-old woman, who has accused French and police Sgt. Lee French of attacking her and threatening to kill her and the man she insists is her partner. The partner, 34-year-old Napa resident Joe Goldman, was charged Wednesday with pimping the French’s family member. Lee French is also on personal leave from OPD.


  1. I had to stop reading at Kenny way too confusing.

  2. What's that saying that ends with, "Let God sort them out."?

    1. Caedite Eos
      - Arnaud Amalric

  3. Next time around, marry an orphan ...

    Phil B

  4. Disfunctional, incestuous California. Nothing's gonna stop this shit unless the state falls into the ocean.

  5. A pimp named Joe Goldman, eh? (((Shocking.)))

  6. Thats some Jerry Springer action going on up in there

  7. This is a mostly coherent version of the story.

    So the police chief and her husband claim this Joe Goldman guy (alias Oho McNair) who apparently has a prior human trafficking conviction, of pimping out their "close family member" who is an 18-yo girl. They are accused of threatening to kill Goldman and members of his family. (But who knows if they truly threatened this asshole. And if it is true, good for them, so long as they kill him as private citizens and not as police. Just my personal opinion, but it should be year-round open season on pimps. In fact there should be a bounty.)

  8. Reason 213 I hate cops


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