Friday, October 15, 2021


Until now, the war has been theoretic, but that time is past. The war is present and ongoing. Like any war, there are a lot of soldiers sitting around waiting for orders. There are no orders forthcoming, because there are no generals, real generals, who recognize that the oath they took was for this exact time in history and for no other reason on earth. While there might not be any true American generals in the military, there might be some direction, if one takes the time to try and discern it from the noise. Like tuning in a radio, there’s a lot of static before one reaches the signal they need. Telling the difference is key. 

The war is being fought on several fronts, one for every sort of soldier. This is where America in the 21st Century is better off than in the 18th, everyone with a computer, a phone and an internet connection can be a warrior. There’s battlefield preparation to be done, some direct action to be taken, but everyone thinking its going to be internally kinetic isn’t thinking it through. The civil war must be through politics and the culture. The reasons for this will be dealt with later in the piece.


  1. Once the "elitist" realize they have lost the Political and Culture War it will turn kinetic. The American Revolution started in 1764. The British forced the War for American Independence in 1774 once the Revolution was realized a success. Every true Civil War starts the same way. The American Civil Revolution started in around 1830.

  2. We are at war but emailing your elected representatives is a waste of time. You see, these people have staffs for the mundane chores like reading paper email. fielding phone calls, and examining the emails. These staff people you would think are loyal employees of the elected ones they serve. In fact, they are professionals ad have their own hidden agendas and our elected representatives only know what they are told by these staff people who work for the dark side usually. Consequently, all our representatives are completely out of touch with their constituents.

    1. Spot on! Plus, they do not care anyway. As long as they cannot be held, in person, accountable you are irrelevant.

  3. I followed the link, and read the essay in full. It could have been written years ago. Because the things described were things that I remember reading about, and worrying about at least a decade ago.
    Wondering just when or where to " draw the line in the sand." Or when was it time to "shoot the bastards", ala Claire Wolfe. Of course, I realized some time ago, that if you didn't make your decisions for yourself, before we got to where we are now, you were not paying attention, and were behind the 8 ball.
    Not that it is ever too late. In fact, for some, the choice of where to draw the line, or when to shoot the bastards may be, no line and never shoot the bastards. Everyone has their own lives and their own set of circumstances that require choices that fit for them. They may have family members whose health is so fragile that any involvement in extreme, or even mild activity of any kind, is simply too risky for a loved ones life. Or some other issue that we cannot even conceive, and should not want to butt our noses into, instead allowing everyone the freedom to act according to their own decisions, based on what is best for their own families.
    The main thing we need to assure is that all are aware of what is happening in America right now, and try and encourage those who are of a mind to protest, are given not only the knowledge of how to do so, but the support of others so that they realize that they are not alone by any means. As many of us remember from the old movie Network, that line, "I am mad as hell, and I'm not going to take it anymore", we need to make lines like that a rallying cry, and people need to feel free to shout this, and even more provocative ones, without fear and without regret. The time for pro American, conservative, constitution loving people to shrink in fear, that they might be shouted down by angry leftists, is over. Remember there is safety in numbers. Of course, that doesn't mean to go to downtown Detroit and start yelling bad things about BLM at 11 pm on a Friday night. But it does mean write a letter to the editor calling them out for leftist dogma when they need to be checked on their BS. Or don't allow a high school friend on one of the social media sites to get away with knocking conservatives stance against abortion, if you feel that abortion is wrong, without expressing at least the fact that " Hey, I disagree." If you don't want to get into long discussions on social media. Actually, social media is probably a good thing to leave alone, if you can.
    Myself, I don't see how we can avoid at least some type of shooting war, in some areas, and some size. I lay the blame directly at the feet of the Democrats, for forcing into office Joe Biden, literally the very worst president since at least FDR, and likely before then. And any deaths I will hold to their account.

  4. The left is winning, without a shot being fired. It’s in their best interest to keep shots from ever being fired. They’re smart (I know, I know) enough to fight a type of war that they can win, a war in which 99% of people on the other side don’t even recognize as war.

  5. No, there is no war. There is anger and resentment, hurt feelings, and an apathy that defies quantification. We are fucked.

    Because we have not stirred ourselves to slap down the morons and imbeciles of the Marxists, when we could have done so with words, we're going to have to shoot them in the face. Ultimately, that means we lose. Because, Media. Unless we shoot all of them too.

    Got no problem with that.

    Fuck if I know at this point. I just want to be left alone but the tenor today indicates my wishes may be in excess of what the Marxists will allow.

    All I can offer is that my response, should I rise to that, should take their breath away. If it doesn't, Uncle Sam wasted his (your) money training me.

  6. YESSSSS!!!
    He gets it!
    Hearts and minds people.

    1. Or that Vietnam-era saying, "When you've got them by the balls, their hearts and minds will follow."

  7. Watch Taiwan? Please. Taiwan is thankfully not relying on America but is shoring up military relationships with it's Asian neighbors.

    Also China has a huge Achilles Heel with the already shaky 3 Gorges Dam which is well within range of missiles that Taiwan has so there's that.

    China is not the omnipotent power that it's PR department is touting. They've got a shitload of problems of their own. If anything, that makes them more dangerous.


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