Tuesday, November 30, 2021

California’s Santa Cruz County Reinstates Indoor Mask Mandate, Including Private Homes

The California press is no less hesitant than the national media in fear-mongering when it comes to COVID-19 cases as we head into the holiday season. 

For example, even though any reasonable person who has been following COVID news can anticipate more waves of infection (especially during the cold and flu season), local reports are predicting….a surge!


So, per my earlier post, Stanislaus County's Board of Supervisors votes against a vaccination passport, yet 100 miles away, they're instituting a mask mandate inside of their own homes.
That is the difference between the inland and coastal California.


  1. I am so glad I left that shit hole years ago.....

  2. Where the surf meets the sand. That's the populous thin slice of real estate that controls this state. My NorCal county never did enforce the masks. We have always been wide open.

  3. The actions of an idiot - doing what didn't work before. The surge in coof is almost entirely within the vaccinated. The "vaccines" are neither safe nor effective and masks do not prevent the transmission of viral disease. The most dangerous portion of the populace is those that have taken the fake "vaccines."

  4. Excuse me but if you come into my home uninvited or without a warrant, you might start having a real bad day...

  5. What - they gonna be peeking in the windows of homes to ensure compliance? That's a sure way to get shot in the face.

    1. Shooting those in the face that have totally earned it is great way to put a stop to all of the BKT (Bullshit Kabuki Theater) and tyranny.

  6. the difference between the inland and coastal California? about 1000 miles and an enormous amount of common sense. let California tear itself down, good riddance to bad rubbish. the sooner the better. i just hope those locusts don't start to migrate inland. we should build a wall around IT to keep them from spreading their infection. let them lay in the beds that they made for themselves.

  7. R U effg shittin' me? In their own homes? I'd love to see them try to enforce that one. I'm thinking there's going to be a lot of Karen's with holes in their faces.


  8. Well lets see, it didn't work for shit the last time but for sure it'll work this time. It is impossible to be this f-in stupid. And yet those in power manager it somehow. And the worse part is, people follow this dumbassed shit.

  9. Omicron is an anagram of "moronic". Just sayin'.


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