Tuesday, November 23, 2021

"The taser somehow made contact with the fence....."

NEW YORK - Police are investigating a freak taser incident at an elementary school in Queens that sent eight children to the hospital. 


  1. "Incident" rather than "accident". Black hoodies might become a hazard to those wearing them.

  2. Hoodies, black masks, phasers and soft lockdowns eh? The devil is laughing at you saying, " This shit is too easy!" Ohio Guy

  3. "freak taser incident at an elementary school"

    I'm sure it wasn't some asshole cop playing around with his duty, none lethal, weapon was it? 'Course not. No police officer would even think of such a thing, especially at a place where children are playing.

    rrriiiggghhhttt and I've got a bridge I'll sell you real cheap.


  4. Took them to the hospital? Us farm boys would use those fences for a toy and would have contests about who could take the juice.

  5. That's not how "that kind" of elecricity works .An overreacting triple masked indoctrination worker heard it pop, maybe , and "did something" .

    Katya Kakhov


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