Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Here's why you trash-talk AFTER you leave

A grandmother says she was kicked out of a Georgia hotel by police in the middle of the night after she left a bad review online, forcing her and her six year-old granddaughter to walk to an nearby hotel in their pajamas.


  1. Import third world hotel management, get third world service.

  2. I Believe this comment (with a couple minor edits) from the previous post belongs here:

    That's a pretty bad ending, but my preferred ending would have the manager spending long minutes with his balls torn off before the grandmother tore out his jugular.

    1. You sir, win the internet today. Lmao

  3. One look at the manager will tell all. I doubt a review would stand up in court as being a valid reason to evict a lawful occupant before the time they paid for is up. Seedy manager didn't issue any refund until after it hit the news. The fact that police even entertained this call is an issue all to itself. How is this seedy vomit not charged with endangering a minor by kicking them out in the middle of the night?


  4. In a visit to the grandkids in Williamsburg VA a few years back, we stayed in a Super 8 motel one night because it was all we could afford. The first room they showed us, the smoke detector was hanging off the wall, there was candy and cookie crumbs all over the floor and the sink was full of hair. It looked like the previous tenant had been cooking Meth in the room.

    Made a complaint so they showed us another room and it was just as bad. Said nope, so they showed us a third room. It was in better shape except the peephole had been knocked out of the door. We were really tired so we ended up taking that room for the night. Thankfully we both had our pistols to sleep with under our pillows.

    When we made it home the next day, my wife called their corporate headquarters and I called the Fire Marshall. The hotel got a surprise inspection and we got a voucher for three nights good for any of their hotels.

    Before I retired I traveled for work and stayed in all kinds of hotels all over the country and the worst ones were run by third world individuals. To this day, I can't stand the smell of Curry or Sandalwood Incense. It permeated the hallways of their hotels.

  5. So this is about 5 miles up the road from where I just moved into my new house last week. Very popular/famous tourist trap town. Fun place to take people that are visiting from out of state. All I'm going to say is I find it very "Surprising" that a gentleman like the one that manages that hotel can be found in that town. Take from that what you will, but let's just say "diversity" is really shit dogging all the small towns in Main Street USA.

  6. I think that hotels have a duty to provide a habitable dwelling. I suppose "habitable" is open to interpretation these days.


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