Tuesday, November 23, 2021

"Who's a good boy? Are you a good boy?"

BRENTWOOD, Tenn. (WZTV) — It's not every day your otherwise "safe" neighborhood is put on lock down. 

It's not every day your "friendly" dog does the unthinkable to protect his home. 

It's not every day you'll see a story like this. It’s a story of a felon, a really brave dog and a whole lot of questions.


BRENTWOOD, Tenn. (WZTV) — In FOX 17 News Investigates, we’ve shown you the heroic efforts of a Brentwood dog to protect his home and neighborhood. Now, we dive deeper into the felon’s past who shot the dog at point blank range.

Police and victim’s advocates say his record shows a pattern of escalation and violence. We ask the tough questions. Why was Kequan Waller out roaming the streets in the first place?


  1. Kequan Waller - that name says it all, no need to read further.

  2. That's a pretty good ending, but my preferred ending would have the intruder spending long minutes with his balls torn off before the dog tore out his jugular.

  3. When can we expect this white supremacist terrorist dog to be arrested?
    And when can we expect the poor victim of this dog on CNN?

  4. How many wallers will it take before the sheeple realize they're under attack and the prosecutors are their lieutenants giving them their orders to attack rape plunder and destroy? Yeah, I know, I sound like some crazy wing nut but I'm jes callin em like I sees em. Is it time to take back your communities yet or wait around for someone else to do it? I guess it depends on the level of infestation and one's determination to rid itself of evil assholes. Ohio Guy

    1. I call this 'down-range during the genocide'.
      Did you read the column about the 'Safari Principle'?
      Using their 'logic', we are responsible for our destruction because we live on their continent of North America.

  5. I just skimmed the article; did the dog survive?

    BTW, another clown who should not have been on the streets was Darrell Brooks, the AH who killed those folks in Waukesha WI.

  6. The D.A.s must be more of Geo. Soros goons

  7. "Why was either of those two felons out roaming the streets in the first place?

    Because Demonrats are making sure that the sheep are and stay terrorized and will gladly vote for MORE promised law and order while getting none.


    1. To be fair, they'll get no law and order for a while. Then they'll get a whole lot more than they ever imagined.
      - The Left

  8. Verna is a freaking idiot. I think handcuffing him to her for 2 years might just wake her up, but if not, another 5 might. Idiots like her are part of the reason this country has a feral problem.

  9. Jebus H. English a language the writer is unfamiliar with?

  10. I'm thinking this criminal needs a 40/45 caliber intervention to the head.
    Anything less would not be justice

  11. A lab? The dog may have smelled food on the perp and was just trying to find it. Labs live for food.

    Michael in Nelson


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