Thursday, November 25, 2021

Your Thursday Morning Florida Report

CORAL SPRINGS, Fla. – A 25-year-old man from Margate kept Coral Springs police and SWAT hostage negotiators at bay for 8 hours after he barricaded himself in his mother’s home on Friday. 

It all started around 8 a.m. when, according to police, Brandon Hayes arrived at his mother’s home in the Waterside community, then got into an argument with her.


  1. I'll bet he never heard his mummy say, No Branny Sweetums. Always won a trophy for coming in last and if he pointed at a toy it was bought. This is what people get for raising pieces of shit. Brandon's mother is a turd and Brandon is a piece of that turd.

  2. Looking at the picture of the perp snd reading the story, I can't help but think of how his mother may have raised him and the phrase, 'one reaps what one sows'.

  3. Probably despondent over not getting that job. Probably would have ended sooner if mom would have just asked if he wanted some eggs and baccy. All the swats and negotiators and fire department does is prolong it.

  4. Can anyone read what that stupid tat around his eye says?

  5. I think the tat around his eyes says I am one of the stupidest mother fuckers to ever waste air. Plus, I wonder why the police didn't shoot him dead and save the rest of us grief later on down the road?


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