Wednesday, December 08, 2021

Don't pu tomorrow? That's a threat?

NEW JERSEY - A student from Howell High School in Monmouth County was arrested after he posted a photo of what appeared to be a rifle to Snapchat with a threatening message, said police.

The student was taken into custody Monday night, about an hour after police were alerted of the photo with the message, "Don't pu, tomorrow."


  1. Let me get this straight. "Although not a real firearm it certainly is identical to an actual rifle," said an empty-headed police chief who should be ashamed to be on the Force.

    So, the kid posted "Don't pu tomorrow" and was in possession of an Airsoft rifle (i.e. no means to actually carry out a shooting) and was arrested and suspended/expelled for posting this non-threat on Snapchat because a nutjob in Michigan shot up a school 600 or so miles away with a pistol that his parents illegally bought for him. Hmmm. Stupid police chief, stupid cops, stupid administration.

    I hope that the kid sues the school system and the brain-dead administrators and the cops for this fiasco. He will win or at least get a good settlement. And, he should start selling "Don't pu tomorrow" T-shirts and other merchandise. They won't be as successful as "Let's go Brandon," but they will make a statement among his classmates.

    P.S. when I was in high school in the 70's in New York (Long Island), there was a 50 foot rifle range with 8 shooting spots in the basement of the elementary school. The rifle team would regularly bring their rifles to their last class so that they could get on the bus afterwords for away competitions. Of course, the bolts were open and the riles were in their soft cases, and their ammo was safely stored in their gear bags. And for some reason none were ever used for an unsafe or illegal purpose, let alone to shoot up the school. My have times changed.

  2. Overreaction is a threat, being a tyrant is a threat, uncivil behavior is a threat.

  3. Can anyone help out a foreigner? What does pu mean?

    1. I surmise he's talking about the school bus picking him up.

    2. I think he meant to type in “pew pew”… the sound effect of a laser gun. I think that’s it.

  4. The only solution to the left's anti gun obsessions seems to be a few years of the people shooting each other. Then everyone will want one, and their ideals will be recaliberated.

  5. By my shallow and uninterested research "PU" can mean: 1. Punjab University, 2. An expression of disgust., 3. The official scoring of a pop up in baseball., 4. Short for Pop Up. Used on the interwebz as "Someone please talk to me."

    Not sure how any of those is a threat. But then I haven't been hip and with it for 30 years or more.

  6. The marching band baton twirlers at my local high school use replica rifles in their half-time performances. Nobody says anything.
    If one of the same girls made a finger gun off the field, they would call the police and she would be expelled for making a violent threat.


  7. The local idiot academy has no idea how much shit they've avoided by me no longer having kids in public school.
    There are a couple in the past that found another profession, though.

  8. "Don't pu tomorrow? That's a threat?"

    Depends. Is the suspect white? Then yes. If not, then going so far as firing it repeatedly into classmates is simply considered normal.


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