Monday, December 06, 2021

Worst Ever BCG autopsy caught on camera

 This BCG is from an unknown manufacturer. Not the worst ever I've examined, just the worst caught on camera. 

VIDEO HERE  (18:43 minutes)


  1. Very interesting. I understood about 15%.

  2. That bolt carrier and bolt have to have been made on a worn out CNC machine. The moral,of the story is that if a manufacturer won’t put their mark on the product, it is probably junk. I also wouldn’t be surprised if the bolt was made of substandard steel.

  3. The School of the American Rifle! I saw that video. The bolt was marginal but OK; the BCG was garbage with a pretty gold TiNi coating.

    He did a review of a barrel from a company I just purchased one from and it wasn't bad. I'll be de-burring and polishing the feedramp per his instructions (no, I'm not Billy-Bob Dremel tool, thanks). Twenty inch heavy A2 barrels are not exactly thick on the ground; Bear Creek Armory has them and for a decent price. I took a chance and it looks really nice.

  4. That was a very good review. I learned some new things. Thanks for posting it!

  5. Thanx for that link sir. Tip O’the hat to ya.

  6. I sub to this channel, he has some pretty good stuff


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