Wednesday, December 08, 2021

Yeah well, if Santa's stopping off in Chicago...

EL PASO COUNTY, Colorado (KDVR) – A tweet from a Colorado sheriff’s office with a photo of a man resembling Santa getting his concealed handgun permit has prompted backlash on Twitter. 

The sheriff’s office sent the tweet around noon on Friday, along with a link to a webpage with more information on how to obtain a concealed handgun permit in El Paso County.


  1. "In response to the outrage on Twitter, the sheriff’s office responded by saying they didn’t mean to be “insensitive.”
    Don't worry sheriff, these days you are 'insensitive' even if you never say a word.
    The only thing you are allowed to say these days is "Sieg Heil".

  2. Why do I get the urge more and more to just say “because fook you, that’s why”

  3. Shame on the parent who showed the picture to his kid. Not the Sheriff's fault.

    1. Why give a fuck if the kid saw it? Wimps raised by wimps.

  4. No concealed carry permit for Santa, then no toys for kids in Chicago, DC, LA, Minneapolis.....

  5. Santa keep it’s real. Can’t have lowlifes jack your sleigh.

  6. Watch Mel Gibsons FAT MAN my new favorite Christmas movie.

  7. Jesus just left Chicago for a reason.

  8. Shoulda been a black/mexican lgbt with one leg and tentacles. That would shut the lefties up


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