Wednesday, December 08, 2021

That's it, blame the white guys

The premier of Western Australia has suggested US-based “white supremacist groups” may be to blame for low Covid vaccination rates among Aboriginals, claiming the Indigenous community has been targeted with anti-vaxx propaganda.


  1. What reason would Aboriginals have for not trusting a government program?
    Anyone? Burllar?

  2. Beuller. But excellent and hilarious comment!

  3. "The premier of Western Australia has suggested US-based “white supremacist groups”"

    This is a prime example of how f*cked up and divisive any news media organization is, even RT (Russia Today) AND more importantly the f8cked messaging from any government source.

    So the political leader of Western Aus. is blaming low jab rates among indigenous people in Australia on white people who live 20K miles away. This same clueless asshat is probably also at a loss to rationally explain why so many WHITE AUSTRALIANS are and have been demonstrating against their government FOR MONTHS.

    The sheer unadulterated stupidity of these people is almost beyond belief. What I'd really like to know is who are the idiots that voted these people into office there.

    Probably the same types that vote for asshats like AOC, Schumer and Pelosi here.


    1. Perth, the capital of western Australia is the most isolated city on the planet, being around 2000 miles from the next city, they have been spoon fed propaganda since federation, they are the California of Australia but a lot more inbred. Until recently they actually trusted their government and even now, a huge percentage still believe every word their government says as gospel truth they are that brainwashed. The have been conditioned to believe the rest of Australia is "ripping them off" over federal taxation returns and have lapped up the "Eastern States hatred" with their mothers milk since 1 1 1901.
      It's not the entire state (which is too large for one city to govern), it's the morons who live within 500 miles of the state capital who are the worse.
      They have no idea what goes on in the rest of the country because their news only shows what the government wants them to see. If they travel it is rarely to see anywhere in the rest of THEIR country, they all pack up and fly off to Bali.
      l sadly have lived there on many occasions so l know these things. It really is like californication on steroids.

  4. Brings a question to mind. I wonder how the response is going with the Indians on the reservation in America..

    1. Indians were hard hit by Covid in the US and have a higher vaccination rate than the general public (at least in Washington state). See

      Blacks have a really good reason not to trust the government -- but then again, so do the Indians. These days, everyone has a good reason to distrust the BS flowing from the government these days.

  5. St Mark McClown has made WA into a hermit kingdom just like North Korea. A pass is required to leave or enter. We mere mortals find it difficult to move to other parts of our own country but as you would expect, Sports Stars, celebrities and well connected business types have no such problems. Mandatory poison shots for most of the workforce and we have had 9 deaths with the wuhan flu.
    The fucking majority of the sheeple in this place believe McShitstain has saved them from certain death and with the media in the bag he can make these absurd claims and is believed.
    Meanwhile I live out in the outback amongst aboriginals and the truth is they are, in their usual manner, so disorganised and contemptuous of government and authority that they can't be fucked with the bullshit. We should all follow there lead in this case.

    Bill The Bunyip


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