Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Best Meat Chicken Breeds

When we think of meat chicken breeds, we often have a picture-perfect, fat, heavy-breasted, white bird in our minds.

But the truth is, there are many different breeds of chickens to choose from. In fact, limiting your options will only guarantee that you’ll miss out on different flavors, experiences, and opportunities to get more out of your chicken.

In this article, you’ll soon discover that there’s a lot more to consider (and choose from) when looking for the right meat chicken to raise for you and your family.


  1. Like most things best is usually a personal decision.
    When I had chickens my preferred choice was the Rhode Islands and the Barred Rocks, both breeds are good yard birds that forage well, they give adequate amounts of eggs and both are good for the table. I tried those Cornish Rocks once and they grow so fast in no time they can't walk and just aren't what I want in my yard, others may feel different because of their rapid growth and fast turn around from chick to freezer.

  2. We raised Cornish cross for the first time this past summer. 5 we butchered at 10 weeks and 5 we kept until they started laying eggs. All were fed and ranged, they stayed in the side and front yard but spent most of their time scratching and eating along with the Buff Orppingtons. We had one hen, the smallest, break a leg just before slaughter day. Other then being really dirty birds, they were friendly and even charming at times. None appeared to have any health issues and the eggs layed were just as good as the Buffs. They were large, biggest was 11.5 lbs, and tended to waddle like a duck.

  3. Now do rabbits. I am wanting to start with a few and see how fast they multiply. Had a friend that made some good money doing it on the side. Made jerky out of a good bit of it. Supposed to taste dandy.

    1. I've eaten a lot of rabbit and it's all in how you cook it. It lean meat so adding moisture is recommended. As to jerky, I've never had any so I don't know


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