Thursday, January 27, 2022

For Pete's sake, let it go

Even as the winter Omicron surge flattens, Los Angeles County health officials are urging the public to continue avoiding nonessential gatherings, saying coronavirus transmission remains at one of the highest levels ever seen in the two-year-old pandemic’s history.


  1. Why not shut down the super bowl? Or just sell every fifth seat .

    1. Better yet, apply this action to all governments worldwide....shut them down.

  2. It is not about protecting you or your family, it is and always has been about control. Notice the reports that we all have read for years about the flu and cold season and related deaths? Zero reporting on those now, it is all about Covid. Notice also the media's complete lack of interest about holding China accountable for killing our fellow Americans.

  3. Meanwhile "Los Angeles County health officials" have huge parties with no Covid precautions, and laugh like hell at the idiots driving around with masks on.

  4. Couple of thrift stores yesterday had "Mask not required for fully vaccinated". I identify as fully vaccinated and everyone else in the store did too. A chain drugstore had a "CDC recommends masks regardless of vaccination status". No customer masks their either. Thank God for Georgia. Well, maybe not Atlanta, my home town.


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