Thursday, January 20, 2022


In the final days of Joe Biden's first year as President, people are increasingly angry and frustrated at his failure to do anything about two main issues: the pandemic and inflation.

This is in tandem with Biden's steadily declining approval rating, which has been going down for months and shows no signs of recovering. It has gone from the mid-60s a year ago to the mid-30s as of the time of this writing.


  1. Those arent HIS mian issues. His main issues are cementing democratic party control and looting treasury to pay off friends.


  2. To be fair, there’s nothing that anybody could’ve done to stem the pandemic. But, Biden did not have to screw the populace with onerous mask mandates that did not do you anything. All money spent on the pandemic by the feds was a total waste. Instead, they should have educated people on the usual course of this illness (feel crappy for about two weeks somewhere between a bad cold and a mild flu), and educated everyone with respect to those who have a predisposition towards a more severe course such as underlying inflammatory conditions (old age, periodontal disease, high C-reactive protein, autoimmune diseases, dialysis, certain Herat disease, etc.). These people should limit their exposure to crowds and get the vaccine, while all others should conduct business as usual, possibly get the virus, and develop immunity better than the vaccine can give.

    Biden is the direct cause of the massive inflation that I have not seen since 1982 or so. The US runs on the energy sector, and cheap energy drives the economy. Shutting down the Keystone pipeline ensured our dependence on foreign oil. Other energy policies directed against utilities (the whole carbon credit BS), ensured that electricity prices would skyrocket. Instead of an economy of plenty (a Russian official (possibly Brezhnev) visited Texas on an official visit years ago, and was amazed at fully stocked supermarket shelves filled with anything one desired to buy, at prices everyone could afford), shelves are thinly stocked, and prices are accordingly increasing.

    Biden is senile, so he doesn’t know better, but his handlers are evil and are tanking this country.

    1. "there’s nothing that anybody could’ve done to stem the pandemic"

      Turning off the television would've helped.

    2. VMS, you sweet innocent child. If you were set to destroy not just the largest economy in the world (because it stands in the way) and to destroy the sovereignty of nations (to pave the way for one world order), what would you differently than what we see today?

      Oh okay, let's just say its all coincidence. If so, we must then ask how these many factors came together precisely in time and with such rapidity? Quite so, the simplest answer is that it is all by design.

      Explain please, what good sense in a real pandemic to fire great gobs of medical professionals? Why the nacent and continuing confusion of markedly contrary opinions, even from within one group or from one person? This only touches on a very small fraction of what is before us. This level of chaos is unnatural and has been perpetuated foe far longer than if it were of natural origin. That is, it is all artificial and planned.

    3. Rick, I am in complete agreement with you, scamdimic

  3. Sounds all as if there's a search for a Fuehrer...Buyden isn't it, nor Trump...brace yerselves for Michael Obama, Killary, or something worse.

  4. That article is screwy. Like many other writings, it starts with the wrong premise; that 1) the pedo actually is in charge, 2) that he would act to the benefit of America. It is by such error that they may utter such silliness.

    The fact of the matter is he's a puppet. That he is even in the office is because there is a ton of dirt on him, because he holds little to none morals, has long shown a propensity towards unethical behaviors, has tons of dirt any of which would drop him into life sentences in prison. Hence, he is easily manipulated by his corrupt masters.

    Regarding the plandemic and inflation, Brandon the hologram has exactly done what ia intended. What we see today is as intended, it is by design.

  5. He is a puppet, and the plandemic and inflation are all part of the plan. I think the only way this gets fixed is by ballot of bullet. Ballot is increasingly no longer an option.

  6. Note to Biden's redheaded mouthpiece...if the author(s) has stated that his"Disapproval rating" was "Peaking," the dummocrats would be been cheering his success.

  7. VMS the flu took (as dumb fucks call it) a gap year. Get your head out of your ass. You've been played. Quit embarrassing yourself.

  8. It just goes to show how effective Pres Trump was...he had a Congress and Senate who fought him (or at the very least didn't support him) every step of the way--and he was still able to deliver a strong economy, factories coming back to the States, and energy independence. What a difference a year makes with the wrong people in power.


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