Friday, May 20, 2022

It just goes to show you don't ever know...

SAINT JOHNS, Fla. — A St. Johns County family is searching for answers after deputies said a man was gunned down by a neighbor in a murder-suicide. 

The family identified the victim as 42-year-old Tony Chavez. They said Chavez didn’t know the shooter, who lived down the street.


  1. Sounds like someone didn't like Beaners living in his neighborhood.

  2. It is a sad testament to the times we live in but I CCW even around the house and in the yard.

    1. Shit, I carry INSIDE my house. The sheriff's department is a good half hour away and I rarely see a deputy on my road, which is a good thing because they put their resources where they're needed.

    2. Same. I'm in a somewhat suburban area outside of a small city. Our calls go to the State Police. At night, they have a grand total of two troopers for the entire county, one north and one south.

  3. Maybe Tony smelled like the ass end of a chinaman

  4. I live just outside of DC, not out in the sticks. Regardless if I'm awake and dressed, I'm armed. Saved my hide once even in purple Virginia.


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