Friday, May 20, 2022

Media Attack Sheriff Advocating Self Defense

Santa Rosa County (Florida) Sheriff Bob Johnson has created a media stir over comments on his preference for law-abiding citizens to shoot home invaders. 

The events that preceded these comments from Sheriff Johnson were reported on AmmoLand by Lee Williams. 

Events began when 32-year-old Brandon Harris allegedly broke into four homes in Pace, Florida. Harris is known as a “frequent flyer” to Johnson and his deputies, he has been arrested 17 times. During Harris’s alleged four break-ins, one homeowner attempted to take a shot at the criminal but missed.


  1. (Old Tech) Unfortunately, the good Sherriff failed to add, "We also offer a basic courses on excavator operation, wood chipper maintenance, and guiding courses to help you locate the nearest well."

  2. Yea...most of us NW Floridians don't give a broke dick fuck what the media says. We know it's all bullshit lies anyway.

  3. That sheriff is gonna be re-elected 5 years after he dies.


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