Monday, May 23, 2022

Where DO screws come from?

VIDEO HERE (18:32 minutes)

The first in a series of four videos on screws, though other videos might get mixed in.

0:00 Introduction
0:54 Waterscrews
1:48 Fruit presses
4:08 Worm Drive
5:24 Internal thread cutting
7:19 Dioptra
7:50 Armor screws
8:17 Screws vs bolts
9:01 Armor part II
9:26 Early screw drivers
9:47 Medieval House book
13:01 Löffelholz Kodex
15:22 Ediphone
17:31 Conclusion


  1. Where does a pissed off wife with a shrewd lawyer fit into this list?

  2. A screw is a ramp or wedge wrapped around a shaft.

  3. anon 4:04: that's "SCREW", not "SHREW"!

  4. Fascinating. Thanks so much for including this link.

  5. From bloated government.... screws come from bloated government. Thus endeth the lesson.

  6. Screws are one of the foundations of technology and thus civlization. Thus, while I lived in Australia I needed three set of tools, sae, iso and whitworth to work on my truck.

  7. For about a full decade I made furniture using only draw bored dowels or wedges. No adhesives, no bolts or screws. Nonetheless, I built them to last.

    Even a fine pocket watch can be assembled with pins and dowels - tapered if needed. A punch for disassembly or adjustment.

    Still, the concept of a helix around a shaft has great need, more than simple convenience.

  8. the local bar after happy hour ?


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