Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Why Snatch Blocks are AWESOME (How Pulleys Work)

VIDEO HERE   (16:30 minutes)

I used pulleys and block and tackles when I was building microwave towers in the army, but never gave it much thought as to how they worked.
What I knew was it normally took 8 guys to hoist my tower sections or antenna mounts up to me using a single pulley system, but if we were shorthanded, I could add a block and tackle and reduce that to 4 or even 2 men.
When the ground crew was clowning, all 8 guys would grab their end of the rope and take off running when they got my signal, and with a block and tackle setup, that tower section would go up so fast it looked like it was falling up.


  1. So a Snatch Block is not the female counterpart to a Cock Block?

    1. In that context, Ed, it is the exact opposite. ;-)


  2. Love smarter every day. Destin has a good podcast too called No Dumb Questions.

  3. The tow truck shows on the Weather Channel use all kinds of rigging like this to get done what they need to do. The shows are a little bit overdramatic at times buy they are interesting and educational.

  4. My ex used to block snatch from all the time, one of the big reasons she's an ex.

  5. Love me some pulleys. I have some lego sized ones all the way up to 6 ton.

  6. Anybody have any recommendations on a good brand block they have experience with?

  7. Married a long shackle with a snatch block replacing the axil with a longer class 8 bolt. Use it with a double from a fishing boat. The trees always fall where I aim them (pull them). And because I am changing the direction of the tension my truck is never a target.

  8. Something about a chain hoist. Love the damn things.


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