Tuesday, May 24, 2022


NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – A new report tracking the increase of vehicle gun thefts across the country shows the Volunteer State ranks number one when it comes to this crime nationwide. 

The new study conducted by Everytown Research analyzed FBI crime data spanning from 2011 to 2020 across 38 states in the U.S. that collectively cover 49 million people. Analysis revealed Tennessee saw the most vehicle gun thefts throughout that period with the crime being especially high in the Memphis and Chattanooga areas.


So the three highest areas for gun theft from vehicles are Memphis, Chattanooga, and Nashville in that area.

What do these areas have in common besides a high population of 'youths'? 
Businesses posting 'No Guns Allowed' on their doors, forcing gun owners who pay attention to that sort of thing to leave their guns unattended in their vehicles.
That seems to be a big city deal because here in Lafayette, the only places I've seen restricting firearms is the post office, schools, justice center, and the police station, but the cop shop here only does that half-assed with their sign saying 'No Concealed Firearms Allowed'.
It's not unusual around here for me to walk into a bank and see a customer standing in line with a gun on their hip, which is a huge contrast to California where I got jacked up by a bank employee for wearing a ball cap and sunglasses into a bank.


  1. I have a safe in my vehicle and if I leave my vehicle without my handgun it goes in the safe. it literally takes less than 10 seconds to stow it. BTW - I work in Memphis in one of the most dangerous sections of town...

  2. Well that makes 100 % sense in our upside down world, wearing a ball cap & sun glasses into a bank is verboten, but a stupid assed face diaper covering basically your entire face is mandatory. Only lunatics can make this shit up FFS. And there are those of you out there that think digital currency will be the savior of the financial world. Holy F**K, the pubic skoullz have succeeded waaayyyy beyond expectations in the dumbing down of the populashun.

  3. 38 states, 49 million people? Something is amiss.
    So nearly 15% of the people live in 76% of the states?
    (Which means 85% of the people live in 24% of the states.)

    Before I dig into the demographics, I'll start with the hypothesis that the study by the gun grabbers covered only registered firearms owners.

  4. LMAO, the Walmart around here has signs posted asking you to please not OPEN carry.

    1. Ours does too. Nobody pays attention to it and our local management doesn't enforce it.

  5. Funny how wearing a hat and sunglasses in banks was wrong till covid came along and then masks were ok. I mentioned that to a guard at my bank once and he gave me the stink-eye over his mask!

  6. Maybe in certain places there is no lakes and boat to lose your gun on?


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