Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Bringing a knife to a gunfight

PALM COAST, Fla. - Intense cellphone video shows the moments deputies say a Florida man attacked another driver with a knife during an apparent road rage incident and the victim turned the tables by pulling out a gun.


  1. Either stab the guy or go home. Looked like to roosters in the farmyard having a face off. Silly, stupid, too much talking, its all for show.

  2. Dude was slow pulling his firearm. Lucky for him, the knife guy was equally stupid.

    1. Exactly- at least turn so it's not completely obvious you're pulling a better weapon lol

      Regardless, don't pull any weapons unless you're going to use it- presumably legally.


  3. I carry a firearm all the time, including while out on my bike. If I were confronted by a knife wielding assailant, my gun is going to be drawn well before that person takes a swipe at me so they'll hopefully keep their distance. A swipe will end in a fatality.

  4. Following someone just for cutting you off is not a good strategy to begin with. Their probably stupid and you're not going to be able to reason with them and in this case things could have turned out a lot worse
    Backwoods Okie

  5. The guy had every right to dust his ass. I think I would have. I'm pretty sure I would have.

  6. I want to have a faster presentation, not wait on the guy to attack me with the knife he is holding, not stand there and fumble fuck around with my gun while the knife wielding guy is within arms reach. A lot to learn from here.

  7. Tico says, When its time to shoot, shoot. Don't talk, shoot.


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