Tuesday, June 21, 2022

Clinton says, "Don't talk down to Gun Owners"... Warns Gun Controllers it's NOT WORKING...

 In today's episode of the Bullet Points, we take a look at how Bill Clinton is warning the Gun Controllers... While saying "talk to Gun Owners" he is telling the Left that their current method of arrogance and condescension is not going to work.... It's a weird world when Clinton is making common sense...

VIDEO HERE  (6:10 minutes)


  1. Don't ignore the big picture.

    The bad guys are preparing to move in on the good guys. The head bad guy tells a hot head in his gang, Don't shoot yet.

    If all we see is the head bad guy saying, Don't shoot yet, it would appear that he's alright, not so much a bad guy. Maybe he's open to us talking this thing through. And to think that would be a big mistake.

    (I just finished watching an old Western movie, bear with me.)

    The socialists are laser focused on taking your guns. Do not forget that.

  2. Stoopid video with Stoopid commentary. The gun grabbers will never concede the validity of the second amendment, ever. Talk talk talk, reminds me of Charlie Brown listening to adults...wah, way, wah!

  3. Clinton for all his flaws was fairly smart politically. The pairing with Carville was nearly unbeatable. He was able to survive the AWB 94. A law that did AlGore in. If Gore had won his home state of Tennessee or the, at the time, deep blue state of West Virginia then he would have been president.

  4. As liberal as he and the hag might be, remember, they're old school Arkansas. He knows a thing or ten about gun folks as he was very likely raised right along side them. He knows and understands what can and shouldn't occur in a discussion with them. Agree or not with him, he knows what will and won't work.

  5. I didn't like most of Clinton's policies, but I admit he was a fantastic communicator.
    Come to think of it, so was Jesse Jackson, whose policies I liked even less.

    Trailer For...

  6. The democrats never ever work with the conservatives. They always always expect the democrats that ran as republicans to cross over. Not always the same rinos but enough to let the democrats get what they want. This allows the the GOP to fill their campaign coffers trying to undo what the democrats have done. mcconnell and mccarthy will sell you out in a heartbeat on gun control.

  7. Clinton paid a very serious price after the abortion of the "Assault Weapons Ban" of 1994.

  8. Was it Bill who said guns are the third rail of American politics?

  9. I trust Slick Willie about as much as I'd like to have intercourse with Hillary.

  10. His lips were moving right? Well there you have it.

    If one is smart one will Get ready to teach physics lessons. Two come to mind, kinetic energy and gravity.

    Saber 7

  11. What ever they say is a lie, you know it, I know it, everyone with more than 2 brain cells knows it. No, gun, knife, spear, arrow, or weapon, of any kind throughout the history of the world has EVER killed ANYONE without the human in the equation. Ya gotta remember, humans invented all this shit. Are humans bad? NO! Some use the very same inventions for good, some use them for evil. It depends upon your particular slant on life how you use it. It ain't the guns fault, it's an inanimate object same as a damn rock or a stick. All can be used for good, or evil purposes. It's how LIFE works.


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