Thursday, June 30, 2022

My Everyday Carry Gear and Why It's "Wrong"

What have I got in my pockets? After numerous requests, we're taking a look at my own personal everyday carry gear. Then, we're going beyond the gear to look at the reasoning behind my approach to concealed carry and other carry gear, why it's probably different from yours, and some tips for finding the best carry hardware for you.

gun: Smith & Wesson 332 Ti
holster: PHLster City Special
knife: Spyderco Cat
light: Streamlight Protac 1L-1AA
watch: Citizen Eco-Drive Garrison
pepper spray/OC: POM
wallet: Alpine Swiss Minimalist

VIDEO HERE  (13:03 minutes)


  1. The Ruger LC9 with an added spring clip to attach inside the trouser's waist band, has 7 +1 capacity. Light weight too.

  2. Pom is fun sized but I've been sprayed by that , sabre red, and fox. SR continued to burn after 3 1/2 hrs after wash with dawn and jj baby soap. Fox burns the worst for 45min after wash. I wanted to peel my skin off and regrow new skin after fox... Pom burning stopped burning after wash..... Law enforcement grunt taking one for the team 5 years ago before being a C.O. was bad....kidding it's always been bad. And, all done at different times of the year... Pom during summer heat. Fox during winter and sabre red during the spring. Pom just doesn't burn hot enough for my liking . Should be so hot the attacker should re think their life decisions and drop to the ground screaming for it to stop.

  3. gun: Glock 37 45GAP or Glock 20 10mm if I ever get the slide back
    holster: Dragonworks Fugly
    knife: Swiss Army w/ corkscrew or Benchmade MilSpec Auto
    light: Maglight 2 C cell kept in vehicle
    watch: Citizen Eco-Drive simple chronograph
    wallet: Wilson Leather clip fold

    The Benchmade is a military only knife. None were sold retail. I had it sharpened at a Benchmade booth at a gun show and when the tech finished he examined the handle and then did a search on the model. They gave me a T-shirt, coffee mug, stickers, and a ink pen. The Benchmade booth workers had never seen the military only model. The second Benchmade knife I got in the military was a Tanto Blade that I passed on to someone who needed a good auto.

  4. I don't EDC a gun, but I do have a nice old SW model 32. Mine still has the hammer. But if I were to carry, it would be open and would be my PX-4 .40sw.
    wallet: Ridge
    knife: Leatherman Crater C33L (2 1/2" thumb flip)
    light: iphone
    watch: iphone/Invicta Speedway Chronograph (big ass beast)
    spray: none

    1. charter arms 44 bulldog, benchmade mini rukus auto no watch during the week I just breakum.. work to hard , same with pepper spray.... been lookin for a sap to have in back pocket to have another option that's less lethal.

    2. Mean Gene Leather has 3 "coin purses that double as a saps. I have the Hot Tamale one loaded with a roll of quarters.


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