Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Your Tuesday Morning Florida Report

A group of teens broke into an $8 million Florida home to throw a house party — with video showing some also holding a boxing match — and now the local sheriff’s office is trying to find who is responsible. 

The Walton County Sheriff’s Office posted a few of the videos and photos recorded during the incident on social media. They have fielded some criticism, however, for not blurring the faces of the people involved, even though some are juveniles.

Sheriff Michael A. Adkinson Jr. said on NewsNation’s “Morning in America” that this pushback is part of the problem.


  1. Show all of their faces, then show their parents faces, then execute them.

    1. Wow, that escalated quickly.

  2. I roll my eyes at stories like this. But then I think of some of the dumb shit I participated in as a teen.

    Just glad we had no way of leaving evidence like this video!

  3. Maybe a patrol car checking the neighborhood might have spotted something going on, but up in Walton the main agenda is catching speeders. If you've ever been through Walton, you'll know what I'm talking about.

  4. After one of the peaceful riots a couple or three years ago, one man said, "We will tell the po-leece when we want them around." Or something similar.

  5. My recommendation is to deny that any of the individuals in the video cannot be assumed to be underage, don't want to be ageist ya know. However, if any parent comes in and identifies their underage child in the video, we will gladly blur that child's face, but only with positive verifiable ID.

  6. OK--I'll say it.
    What dumbass has an 8 million dollar home and doesn't have an alarm system installed or fails to activate it?


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