Friday, August 19, 2022

Touchy and prone to panic, ain't they?

LAS VEGAS — A Carmichael man jailed in Las Vegas on suspicion of causing a loud noise that sparked panic and travel delays Sunday at Harry Reid International Airport had been arrested at the airport less than 24 hours earlier for allegedly causing a disturbance near a ticket counter, a police official said Monday. 

The sharp sound of a door closing or a trash can toppling — apparently mistaken for gunfire — caused passengers to abandon security lines about 4:30 a.m. Sunday. More loud noises reverberated through the airport's busy Terminal 1 as metal posts were knocked over in the chaos, Las Vegas police Officer Larry Hadfield said.


Suspicion of causing a loud noise? What the fuck kind of charge is that?


  1. A hate crime, obviously.

    Don in Oregon

  2. The article said that the suspect was arrested on a burglary charge at the airport.
    Got into it with police earlier and returned with enough drama to upset flights.
    The idea of arresting someone for a loud noise had me laughing, and if I'd been arrested for that.. howling.

  3. "Suspicion of causing a loud noise? What the fuck kind of charge is that?"

    One they whip on tourists as they're leaving?

    1. There is no law on "Making Security People Look Stoopid," ergo, "causing a loud noise."

  4. So they renamed McCarran for Harry Reid.....sure enough the wikipedia bio for Pat McCarran now has the obligatory antisemitism charge....and as a democrat he opposed Roosevelt's new deal and cooperation with the Soviets in greater sin... Atlanta has a nasty habit of the same thing for roads, airports, etc.

  5. That charge is probably just an excuse to lock up the asshole for felony stupid.

  6. If I visit the Harry Reid airport is there a statue I can tear down?


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