Monday, September 26, 2022

And then that cat walked by.....



  1. I still remember my 7 year old daughter walking my brother's German shep mix puppy.
    all 110 pounds of him. gentle as anything though. the sight of this little girl walking the monster size dog used to have the brothers crossing the street or turning back.
    he was a very well trained and behaved dog. my kids loved the big drooling monster that he was. and my brother used to bring him over after he got done eating, just so he would shit in MY YARD and not his. first couple of times, okay. but...

    1. If talking to him about it doesn't help, pick it all up, put it in a bucket or box or whatever, and when full, drive over and dump it in the middle of his lawn. It's passive aggressive but it really feels better when done.

      I've done similar things with a neighbor's dog that would shit in my yard. Just grab a shovel and fling it next door. If I can clean up after my own dog, so can everybody else.

  2. Just broke out of the slammer and gonna ride into the sunset on his horse.

  3. "and then a squirrel went the opposite direction and that boy got thowed like a frisbee ..."

  4. We had a Great Dane when I was growing up. Super gentle and caring to the family, and any time a stranger would try to approach me or my brother, she'd almost take his arm off. I also remember my mom used to have to tell her someone was okay or that person wasn't getting through the front door.


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