Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Commentary: GOP’s New Plan Proves America First Policies Are Making a Huge Comeback

In 1994, it was called the Contract with America. Between 2016 and 2020, it was just known as America First. If you want to return to the policies that worked, there is a simple solution — the policies of the newly released “Commitment to America.” Simply put, it is the policies that put America First.

When people look at the current state of our country, most don’t like what they see. Inflation is the highest it has been in 40 years. The price of eggs, milk, and groceries has increased by double digits. Many people must decide whether to fill their gas tank or buy food. Some are cutting back on travel and entertainment. Many wonder if they will have to cut back on Christmas gifts for their children this year.


  1. "Just give us the House" they said, and they squandered it.
    "Just give us the Senate" they said, and they squandered it
    "Just give us the White House" they said, and then they proceeded to hamstring that president at almost every opportunity. With scum like McConnell, Graham, Murkowski, Mace etc., etc. can we believe any of their crap now? They can't be bothered to produce a balanced budget, continually piss away (launder) money on some Ukraine comic that's nothing more than a tool of the WEF and constantly fund and expand the Patriot Act that is a front for surveillance on the American people.

    All of these UniParty fuckers colluded to rig the 2020 election, what makes you think they haven't upped their game for November?

    - WDS

  2. The items are strong enough to get some attention, but are mild enough that they won't rock the boat too much. If they had led with "Message received with what's going on in the schools, we're only going to eliminate the Dept of Education and send the money back to the states., we'll be filing a RICO case against the NEA and the UFT" then we'd be talking. No, they're not serious.

  3. *groan* Let's militarize the police even more. Let's make the border impenetrable and ignore the fact that the guns will eventually be turned inward. And idiot Republicans are going to be eating this shit up.

  4. Team FJB applauds all the participation. Everyone gets a trophy.
    Team FJB is the only winner though.
    America loses every day Team FJB exists.
    WW3 is engaged.
    WTF, Republicans?

  5. Bullshit, bullshit, bullshit, yet continue listening.
    If you think the RINO cunts are going to pull anything but "FAIL" out of this, you are on good drugs.
    Designated opposition; nothing more.
    But Senator Cruz is right on the ball 'investigating'.
    Who wants to bet it will go the same way Fey Gowdy's did?
    Worthless poseurs all.



  6. I was naïve enough at the time to believe Newt. I even went to a luncheon where he spoke. Then, they failed to implement the contract on America and said they “only promised to hold a vote on it”.

  7. Many of the Boomers** have spent their lives re-electing and re-electing the same corruptocrats, approving free money for the world and all celebrating their grievance mascots (women, blacks, homos), and now they bitch bitch that the bills are coming due. They intended to stick their grandkids and great grandkids with the tab for their phony virtues. Who could have imagined printing free money for decades could catch up to them.

    Any GOP plan is a joke. GOP is mostly a pretend opposition party. Dems and Pubs are 2 sides of the same coin, heads they win, tails the people lose. The people are entertainment addicts propagandized into 50/50 teams. ah well, big sportsball game this weekend and Nov. 8 too.

    **Don't get too defensive boomers because I am one too and I've watched this decline for decades. Nobody much cared, they'd just shrug and say "no skin off my back". At least most on this blog are thoroughly red-pilled.

  8. I think every conservative considers this election a loss and waste of time if mcconnell and mccarthy and rnc mcdaniels are still in power.

  9. the ONLY good thing biden ever did was vote for the 94 crime bill.


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