Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Navy recruiter fatally shoots wife, injures NCIS agent; later killed in separate shooting

ATASCOCITA, Texas - An investigation is underway following what Harris County Sheriff Ed Gonzalez called, "something out of a movie." 

It all started when the Harris County Sheriff's Office received a call of multiple shots fired in the 12500 block of Tullich Run Drive in Atascocita.


 .....the wife, who was said to be a Black female in her mid-30s.....

What in the world does the victim's race have to do with any thing except to elevate the victim status. Nowhere else in the article does it mention anybody else's race - not the husband, the cops, the neighbor they spoke to, nor the clerk in the store they shop at occasionally.


  1. KHOU 11 footage included security cameras. Husband was black. Wife was black. Neighbor was black. Unclear on all of the cops and constables. I lived in Harris county for 25 years and the constables were on the ball. I have positive stories about their presence and response.

  2. RE: victims race... you're starting to catch on to the programming. Shhh... Don't tell anyone else, or you'll ruin everything!

  3. Ayo jus so alls y'all crakkkuz sees it, it "Black" wid a cap'al 'B.' YASSSSS QWAAAAYNE SISTUH!

  4. My local news will even put down the color of vehicles involved in an accident

  5. First hand: Infidelity on her part was involved.

  6. That's where I grew up. Played little league football and baseball at the Squatty Lyons facility. Right next to a landfill. Those homes are in a lovely area during the heat of summer. Stinks to high heaven.
    I guess the state pen that used to be on the other side of the landfill is gone.

    1. Your comment reminds me of my youth. Our town had a facility that ground crab shells and fish offal into fertilizer and other industrial products; it was called the crab factory by everyone I knew. In the summertime it stank and the entire town was infused with that aroma if the wind died down.

      I was in the car with my older brother and his long term girlfriend on a hot and muggy day. At one point he turned to her and exclaimed: "Oh baby, you got that think stinking today!" I still laugh and it had been more than 50 years ago. She was pissed.


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