Tuesday, September 27, 2022

So where's Pete Buttboi on this?

The still-clogged global supply chain continues to wreak havoc on the auto industry.

Ford said late Monday it will end September with between 40,000 and 45,000 large pickups and SUVs that it can't finish because it doesn't have all the parts.


  1. This is real good news. Not finishing cars means less cars on racist roads.

  2. Was to the local car dealer today getting some minor repairs. I asked the manager about the lack of new vehicles on the lot because of the manufacturing problems. He said that was better for the bottom line profits because people are buying new cars unseen and when they're delivered to the dealer he calls them and tells them to come in and pick 'em up. No need to worry about overstocked inventory and being stuck with unsold vehicles.

  3. Petey is far too busy getting rid of racist highways to care about supply chains.
    - WDS

  4. So much for Just In Time manufacturing practices.

  5. Ford has not built any Superduty pickups since May. The large pickups they are talking about are F-150's.


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