Wednesday, September 28, 2022

What the hell?

GUILFORD COUNTY, N.C. - A bizarre scenario played out in North Carolina that led to the rescue of four puppies. 

The Guilford County Animal Services said on September 17, some good Samaritans saw a suitcase that was "moving" along the side of the highway and stopped.


What, the asshole that dumped them didn't want them to get run over so he put them in a suitcase to die?


  1. About 15 years ago, back when I could still run, I was on a run down my road when I came upon a box by the side of the road. I heard a sound from it so I opened it to find 5 Chow puppies. Of course, when I released them they mobbed me and followed me home.
    At the time my back yard was fenced, so I fed them and put them in the yard. The next day at work I went around the job site asking if anyone wanted a puppy. Luckily I got commitments to take them all. The next day I took them to work and they all went to good homes.

  2. I guess I don’t belong in polite society, because I sincerely believe I would kill a motherfucker I caught doing that on the spot. 99% don’t deserve dogs and as weird as it sounds I’d have to think a minute before choosing between a female or a dog to be a castaway with.

  3. On my way into work this morning, someone dumped a young pup off on the road. No this is in the middle of nowhere, tried to call it in to me. Poor thing was terrified and ran in the bush, I’ll try again this afternoon. Fuckers dumped it where it would not be found.

  4. Packs of feral dogs have long been problems in rural areas. The packs are composed of dogs of different breeds. There is the answer; city rats taking the pets they no longer want into the country to live a fantasized life of happy freedom in high clover.

  5. Shitty, but better than the dude up in Portland that threw a kitten into a burn pit. Fucker even had a half-smile in his mugshot.
    Took me a few days to think like a good Christian and not want to treat him the same way. I'd still kill the fucker if I saw him do it, though. I'm not great. OK, I'm alright. It's safer for the community, anyhow.
    --Tennessee Budd


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