Friday, October 07, 2022

It took them FOUR years to catch this crew?

NEW YORK - Several workers with the U.S. Postal Service were arrested in a credit card scheme that resulted in the loss of $1.3 million, according to a news release from the Department of Justice.

Prosecutors said Johnny Damus, Rashaan Richards, Devon Richards, Conrad Heron, Louis Jeune Verly, Kareem Shepherd, Fabiola Mompoint, Nathanael Foucault and Jonathan Persaud were among those arrested.


  1. What "public trust"? Have you seen the idiots delivering mail these days?

    1. And those bastards are nearly damn impossible to fire.

    2. Not just "delivering mail", but handling "mail-in ballots".

  2. FBI was busy with insurrections

  3. odds are they didn't get caught over 4-years because they didn't steal too much at one hit. A moderate sip instead of frequent, expensive thefts. Frequency of thefts may also factor in. One fellow got greedy and stole significantly more than the others. Then things came undone.


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