Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Career in Trucking - Semi-Trucks of the 1950's

 Depicts a Career in Trucking, Semi Trucks of the 1950's, family life, different shifts, layovers and shipping documents involved with the career. Examines the life of a Trucker working for Norwalk Trucking Lines out of Chicago in the 1950's.

VIDEO HERE  (15:16 minutes)


  1. Today Biden said that ten years ago did anyone know what a supply chain was?
    Who writes this stuff?

    1. The people who write this stuff are people who have gone to college, gotten degrees and have never held a job that wasn't a government job. Everything in their lives has just magically appeared through the sweat and hard work of others and they are completely out of touch with reality. Joe Biden is a perfect example of this fact.

  2. I remember back when my younger brother got into trucking. They where all about just in time at that time hauling for the auto industry. He is retired now. So that was 35 plus years ago.

    Past might not repeat but it does rhyme.

  3. Good film. I remember the split shift differentials, double clutching while reaching through the steering wheel shifting both gears at the same time. Also, no syncromesh and no power steering. It took a man to drive those trucks.

  4. My grandfather worked for Norwalk Trucking in Sandusky. He was a vice president. My father was the general manager of Highway Transportation in Woodville, OH.

    As Bright Eyes pointed out, there was no power steering, no power brakes, and the transmission was unsynchronized. Truckers had to stop for the weigh stations, unless they knew the back roads and how to jump the scales. Back then, truckers would start out with a bag of sandwiches, drive for ten hours, then take some bennies (Benzedrine - OTC at the time) and drive for ten more. If they stopped to sleep, they'd let the diesel run all night to keep the cab warm.


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