Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Commentary: Four Issues to Unify the GOP and Realign America

If Republicans hope to unify their party and realign American politics in their favor, they will need to do more than pour billions of dollars into television ads that highlight rampaging looters and the despairing jobless. They have to offer hope tied to an achievable agenda. Americans are ready for an alternative to Democratic fearmongering and stagnation. Give it to them.


  1. The GOP doesn't want unity or to realign America. They are the Washington Generals to the lefts Globetrotters. The exist to pretend thy are the opposition when in reality the GOP party is a wholly owned and controlled subsidiary of the DNC.

    1. Politics no longer involves parties or voting.

    2. Correct, just look at the gift several RINOs gave to the Dems by supporting the omnibus bill instead of a continuing resolution that would allow the GOP house to at least try to effect change via the budget.

  2. Politics is dead. You can vote all you want, but you'll have to explain to me what good it does when they fudge the counting to install their candidate of choice?

  3. I believe it was Fredrick Douglas who observed that there are three ways to influence your government, Soap Box, Ballot Box and,….Cartridge Box.

    I believe we’ve tried the first two.

  4. yeh, all that b.s. and then just send them more money. they'll fix it iffin you just send them more money. did i say that they just need you to send them some more money so they fight for you.


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