Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Good Morning



  1. Starker here, he looks like a young Buzz Sherwood, the "pilot" on the Red Green show.

  2. Honest to goodness WC....your 'Good Mornings' keep me going. In the midst of the GIGANTIC SHITSHOW that we've living through, these little slices of innocence, and sweetness, and joy are such a ray of sunlight through the sess. From the bottom of my heart, for one of the few smiles I manage in a day, I sincerely thank you.

    1. We all need them nowadays. I have the advantage over you though - I keep a folder of Good Morning pics with 20-30 gifs and pictures and every morning I get to look through all of them when I'm scheduling posts.

  3. This one nailed me. I remember this! I remember SO well exactly this. STOKED about just about every single thing that came into my senses. --nines


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