Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Your Tuesday Morning Florida Report

On a spring night inside a luxury Brickell condo, an internet entrepreneur named Haider Rana was watching TV with an exotic dancer after a day of hanging out at the pool. They heard a knock. Rana grabbed his pistol and went to the front door. 

Seconds later, there was a gunshot. Someone fell to the ground in the doorway, mortally wounded.


  1. He was just "hanging out with an exotic dancer after a day at the pool"...
    Damn Amish kids will never learn.

  2. That’s negligent homicide at the least. Stand your ground doesn’t work if you were so negligent as to blindly shoot. Know your target! There was a case where a college student finishes up the term early and goes home to surprise the parents, uses her key at 2 a.m., and is met with a pistol round. There is no reason to fire until you know what you are firing at.

  3. Arrghh! Crazy machine did "Publish" before I was ready! Complete thought: "Internet entrepreneur?" Is that new for "local rapper?"

  4. Held without bond? I guess he's close enough to being considered a white male that the judge/cops can get away with it without causing a full scale riot and being fired and forever labeled as racisss.....

  5. "The case will likely be a test of Florida’s controversial self-defense law, which critics have long contended fosters vigilante justice and allows killers to get away with murder — as long as they claim they were in fear for their lives."

    That isn't what the law says. Not even close.

    1. I noticed that as well. We can always count on Yahoo News for even handed reporting.


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