Thursday, November 24, 2022

Students are ‘flipping over desks,’ making school threats; Why that behavior is becoming more common

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — Sheriff’s deputies were investigating possible threats in multiple school districts across Middle Tennessee as students arrived for class earlier this month. 

Both started with a “concerning message,” one circulating on Snapchat and the other written on a wall in the girl’s bathroom. While neither was credible, the students believed to be responsible were each charged with making a false report— a felony in Tennessee.


  1. Gee,I wonder what it does to children being expected to live in a society that embraces obvious insanity and pretend everything is just fine? It doesn't require being an adult to see that our society is being driven by some force to accept men declaring themselves women and we are expected to treat them as such. Even children are aware that society is not okay. The people who are supposed to be leading them into adulthood are insane and they know it. Wouldn't you have if you were a kid and this crazy shit was going on?

  2. They are not "Children" but young thugs who need a good whoopin!

  3. It's the glass ceiling syndrome. One example is 90% of drivers today see no problem with going 20 MPH over the posted limit because "everyone else is doing it" so it becomes "legit". So if most of the little undisciplined assholes turn over desks at school "it must be ok" and that becomes legit too. Our society is fucked and it's beyond reversing

    1. Selective enforcement is a thing. Some businesses operate in the grey area but because the government doesn't enforce ambiguous laws on the books, it's defacto legal through lack of enforcement. The government(s) also lost both cases that I'm aware of.

      People also speed because moving with the flow of traffic is safer than not. TMK, the speed limit is also the moving rate of traffic.

      As for flipping over desks. . . We lock kids up for 8+ hours a day in a system of cells and bells that mimics the US prison system while they are at a time in their lives when they are biologically most viable for kids and hormones are raging. The males are establishing a pecking order / hierarchy, the females are sleeping around, and staff are both inept and unable to discipline the student body. What did people think was going to happen? That everyone was going to be good and orderly little robots?

      My guess is this is mainly a few demographics, valedictorians, rebel / punk teenage girls, etc; the ungovernable types.

      IMHO, Compulsory education is inherently wrong. It throws free agency to the wind and uses force to educate / indoctrinate youth and ultimately destroy natural curiosity. Most of the jobs in the USA can be filled by people with the most elementary education and most specialized knowledge can be learned on the job. Higher education should be for people that want it or need it; I.E STEM, legal, medical, etc.

      I have been out of school for close to a decade now and my own natural interests are starting to return but sometimes the sense of loathing and dread also return; that I'm held prisoner at a desk again while the day is plowed under by the endless march of time. **** the thought control system.

      I'm entirely blackpilled and I have to agree with the civilization being screwed. Our parasites have succeeded in killing the host and now our empire is like road kill with a flock of buzzards on it. Tying to get WAY off grid as a fast as I can.

      - Arc

    2. When I was 'locked up' for 8+ hrs/day, we dint have these outbursts. On very occasion, some student did something. But it was always the known troublemaker acting singularly and it was a one time event.

      The problem today is everyone is afraid to discipline the little darlings. Start meteing out punishment again and watch the problem behaviors vanish.

    3. Thank you!!! I was going to write out pretty much the same thing but I was afraid I'd get hit with another 5 paragraph reply.
      Even as rebellious as I was as a kid and teen, I never once started shit in the classroom and neither did any of my classmates. Why? It obviously wasn't because I was afraid of being punished, it was because I was taught respect as a youngster. That's all there is to it.

  4. Certainly race is not a factor in this…

  5. By not being punished for being disruptive little shits they are being rewarded. You get more of any behavior you reward.


  6. This isn't complicated. The bad behavior is increasing because it's allowed to happen. The ground apes responsible for it rarely suffer any meaningful consequences so they have no reason to not act out. Other ground apes see this and decide they too want to act out.
    When they start suffering real painful personal consequences than this behavior will stop.

  7. " Why that behavior is becoming more common?"

    For the same reason we have bad cops going from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. They don't get de-certified, just like these kids don't get expelled and put on a "no public school allowed" list. Perhaps if they learn the FA/FO rule early on their behaviors would change.
    - WDS


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